Reddit Is Trying To Get Red Dead Redemption As DLC For RDR2

The Red Dead Redemption fans over at Reddit have come up with an awesome idea in the hopes that Rockstar Games will sit up and take note, y’know, once they’ve finished with Red Dead Online and once we’ve gotten Bully 2.

In a post on the r/reddeadredemption forum, a gamer by the name of Projectpatdc has created a post called: “Upvote if you would pay for RDR1 Remake as DLC to RDR2”

Credit: Rockstar Games
Projectpatdc writes: “Pretty simple idea but I can imagine it taking over a year to produce. As a full single player story dlc, just remake RDR1 with the graphics and added mechanics of RDR 2.
Credit: Rockstar Games

“Maybe change up and add more side quests/random events to engage in more of RDR2’s activities. The rest of the main and original side mission content stays the same.

“I know there is much more involved but I would honestly pay full price for a remake”

With over 7000 upvotes at the time of writing, it seems there’s a lot of people out there who want the first game to become DLC…

As Projectpatdc writes, there’s a LOT of work that would go into something like that. And judging by the size of RDR 2, an amped-up version of the first game would probably be better-suited to a full remastered release, instead of just DLC…

Credit: Rockstar Games

You can upvote the post or share your opinions on it right here.

What do you think? Would Rockstar ever give us a Red Dead Redemption for this generation’s consoles? Let us know in the comments!