Fortnite Named ‘Best Game Of The Year’ Over Red Dead Redemption 2

The game of the year has been revealed, and in an unprecedented twist, it’s been named as Fortnite.

Yup, the public have spoken and decided that Fortnite is much better than Red Dead Redemption 2, which luckily won the critics choice award despite coming second in the public’s opinion.

Third place went to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 at the Golden Joysticks award ceremony in London.

However, this has split fans’ opinions. One person said: “Fortnite is a good concept sure, BUT NOT A GOOD GAME! It is a game focused on Hype and money and that is it! Red Dead, Spider-Man and God of War are masterpiece material and you neglected that. Games are not Money or Hype… THEY ARE AN EXPERIENCE AND AN ART FORM!”

Another agreed, saying: “Saying @FortniteGame is the game of the year is like saying Taylor Swift wrote a master class symphony rivaling Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It’s not in the same league, and shouldn’t even be in contention in the first place. Garbage.”

However, obviously there were some fans who stuck up for the game. One wrote: “Deserve it? Because it was insanely popular, but that is nothing, Fortnite is amazing because epic games hear the community, and everything they’ve done to the game is thanks to the community, while Overwatch is just a multiplayer game with loveable characters”.

Another added: “I see, one of them hipsters that think it’s cool to hate Fortnite cause it’s very successful and little kids and non-gamers like to play it. Fortnite gets updated weekly and Epic Games literally put hundreds of millions into their eSports and everything.”

The awards ceremony was hosted by Danny Wallace, and dealt out numerous awards including Best Storytelling (God of War), Best Competitive Game (Fortnite), PC Game of the Year (Subnautica) and Xbox Game of the Year (Forza Horizon 4).