God Of War’s Combat Designer Spills The Beans On THAT Boss Battle

God Of War is one of the greatest PlayStation exclusives of all time, breaking records, wowing critics and blowing fans away.  It’s so good, it’s officially the 2018 winner of The Game Awards’ Best Game. One of the most phenomenal parts of the game actually happens pretty soon into playing – of course I’m talking about the … Read more

God Of War Sequel Is Going To Be Bigger Than The Original

God Of War picked up Game Of The Year award back at The Game Awards earlier this month, and it seems director Cory Barlog and his team aren’t hanging up their hats for its sequel. Nate Stephens, main environmental artist at Santa Monica Studio, opened up about the plans for the next God Of War  stating [translated]: “We … Read more

This Realistic God Of War Axe Will Set You Back Just $2500

In case you missed it, The Game Awards 2018 bestowed the honour of Game Of The Year unto the one and only God Of War. The PlayStation 4 exclusive smashed sales records when it launched earlier this year (until Marvel’s Spider-Man swung onto the scene, of course) and it wowed players the world over. The … Read more

Fortnite Named ‘Best Game Of The Year’ Over Red Dead Redemption 2

The game of the year has been revealed, and in an unprecedented twist, it’s been named as Fortnite. Yup, the public have spoken and decided that Fortnite is much better than Red Dead Redemption 2, which luckily won the critics choice award despite coming second in the public’s opinion. Third place went to Call of … Read more

Data miners Find Vehicles & Properties Coming To Red Dead Online

It has not even been a week and data miners have already discovered possible massive piece of info that could be coming to Red Dead Online. Rockstar INTEL reckon that they have found code in the games files that suggests that new vehicles and properties will be able to be bought and sold in Red … Read more

6 Reasons Fallout 4 Didn’t Win Game Of The Year 2015

Fallout 4 is an amazing game, with brilliant mechan.. Alright, we get it. Fallout 4 is one of the best games of all time. But it’s also the game that broke Bethesda’s streak of winning GOTY every time they released a game. Why is that? How did Bethesda lose when Fallout 4 was one of … Read more