Data miners Find Vehicles & Properties Coming To Red Dead Online

It has not even been a week and data miners have already discovered possible massive piece of info that could be coming to Red Dead Online.

Rockstar INTEL reckon that they have found code in the games files that suggests that new vehicles and properties will be able to be bought and sold in Red Dead Online. This is huge news as it was previously believed that you would have a similar set up as the single-player campaign. That being you would have a camp set up somewhere in the wilderness that you live out of.

Buying properties is of course a huge deal in GTA Online so it would make sense that they would bring a similar idea into Red Dead Online. You can of course also buy cars in GTA Online, obviously there were no cars in the ages of Red Dead Redemption so carts and wagons will be able to be made instead.


Horse Cart – Price: $500

Small Coach – Price: $500

Chuck Wagon – Price: $500

Chuck Wagon (Gatling) – Price: $500

Supply Wagon – Price: $500

Utility Wagon – Price: $500

War Wagon – Price: $500


Hungarian Half Bred

Missouri Fox Trotter

Dutch Warmblood


Here’s all property Rockstar Intel has found so far:

Property No. 1 – Price: $1000

Property No. 2 – Price: $1000

Property No. 3 – Price: $1000

Property No. 4 – Price: $1000

Property No. 5 – Price: $1000

Property No. 6 – Price: $1000 – Tagline: Rugged homeliness in the countryside.

Property No. 7 – Price: $1000

Property No. 8 – Price: $1000

Property No. 9 – Price: $1000

Property No. 10 – Price: $1000

None of these vehicles, horses or properties have any descriptions as of yet. I also think that some of the prices for the houses are bound to change. I can see buying a small house in Valentine being $1000 but buying a mansion in Saint Denis will be a whole lot more expensive.

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