World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 120 by only Picking Flowers

DoubleAgent is somewhat of a World of Warcraft celebrity after creating his character many years ago and refusing to fight anything or anyone and instead only harvesting herbs and mining ore.

When Battle for Azeroth was released back in August almost all players took only a week to level up to the new max level of 120. It took Double Agent 77 days to complete the level grind. If that isn’t a grind I don’t know what is.

He did it by harvesting ores and picking flowers in an area called ‘The wandering isles’. This area is a place where players tend to be when they first start out the game and most never return after they have reached level 10.

If you want to keep up with how DoubleAgent is getting on now he has completed the level cap you can check him out on his YouTube channel here.

YouTube video

The update also comes at a very strange time in World of Warcraft and the world for that matter. World of Warcraft’s currency is actually worth more than the Venezuelan currency known as the Bolivar. One US Dollar is worth 68,915 Venezuelan Bolivar and if you compare that to the price of WoW tokens you can then see the staggering difference. WoW Tokens are bought with $20 in the real world. There is a tracking service which lists the current WoW gold price for 1 token as 203,035 pieces. That works out to about 10,152 gold pieces per 1 USD.

This means approximated 10,152 WoW gold is equal to 68,915 Venezuelan Bolivar.

There have even been reports of Venezuelan players farming gold instead of working as it will make them earn money faster.

I can definitely see an episode of Black Mirror being along these lines. ‘All banks have failed and no one has any money. Everyone has to trade WoW items and gold to buy real life food with.’ Mark my words!