Post Malone Ordered $40K Worth Of Takeaway Food In One Year

If you’re anything like myself, then you get to the end of payday, and you work out that you’d probably be in a lot better financial position if you hadn’t had that chippy, or that Chinese, Indian/McDonald’s/Pizza etc. 

Kate Moss once said ‘nothing tastes better than skinny feels’, but she’s clearly never had a late night Taco Bell delivery when you’re positively starving. The only thing I do hate about takeaways, is that they definitely make a pretty huge dent in your bank balance.

Sometimes I wonder if I had unlimited money, just how bad would my food bill even be able to get, and would I eventually become one of those people who have to get lifted from their couch via a forklift? But until you’re in that situation, you just can’t guess, unless you take what Post Malone recently announced to everyone about his takeaway habits and try and pit it against your own.


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by @adamdegross

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Postmates released a profile on the rapper, depicting that in the last 400 days Post has spent over $40K on their app, labelling him as their number one customer. Postmates revealed that he has ordered nearly 3,000 items and made 660 purchases from 52 cities, which considering he’s prone to a bit of travel for his work, doesn’t seem like to difficult a feat, but STILL. $40K?! That’s more than the majority of people’s wages.

On their official profile for the artist, Postmates wrote: “Of the 289 different merchants that he’s ordered from on Postmates, he goes “psycho” for Popeyes. Who else can proudly say that they’ve postmated $8,000 worth of biscuits to a Coachella party? Postmate Malone can.”

Impressive. I’m a giant mixture of impressed, disgusted and insanely jealous.

How much have you spent on takeaway?