Glitch in MLB The Show ’17 looks like a Horror Movie

MLB The Show ’17 comes out very soon. While the release date is a little over a week away, several gamers got their hands on a copy early and boy they have endured some horrific in-game bugs.

Image: SIE San Diego Studio

During the games early development stages, the game suffered from a creepy glitch with the player’s faces. Resembling something straight out of a low-budget horror flick, it was definitely an unpleasant view, which would make you put your controller down.

Image: Twitter

According to Operation Sports owner, Steve Noah, he tweeted out a picture of a few shots of the creepy bug, while also informing Twitter users that the bug has apparently been addressed as is no longer present in the game. It would have been pretty disturbing watching a honeycomb-like creature hitting a home run while doing a celebration with his team.

Image: Twitter

MLB The Show ’17 is set to launch on March 28th exclusively for PlayStation 4.