The Tactical Nuke Scorestreak Returns In Black Ops Cold War

The legendary Nuke scorestreak has made its way to the rest of Black Ops Cold War after previously being a hidden secret.

Veteran players will have fond memories of the Nuke scorestreak. Debuting in Modern Warfare 2, the killstreak required players to earn a total of 25 kills in a row without dying. It would then wipe out the entire map with a nuclear explosion and earn your team a win regardless of the score.

The Nuke scorestreak has actually been present in Black Ops Cold War for a while. However, it was only available to use on the Cranked Hardpoint mode as a hidden scorestreak. This time, it requires players to earn a total of 30 kills in a row, also without dying.

This streak differs from the usual scorestreaks included in Black Ops Cold War. Usually, streaks are earned via collecting score that persists between deaths. To earn a nuke, you have to do it the old fashioned way – cold, hard kills.

Here’s what it looks like to call one in on the Hardpoint Cranked mode:

YouTube video

Tactical nuke incoming!

Treyarch announced the change in the upcoming Season 4 Reloaded patch notes. It says: “We’ve heard from those players who went the extra mile in Cranked Hardpoint to earn the hidden Nuke Scorestreak, and we’re bringing it to the rest of Multiplayer. 

“Starting this week, players will now be able to call in a Nuke and automatically win the match by earning 30 kills without dying in all modes, with the exceptions of League Play and CDL variants, Multi-Team, Party Games and Gunfight.”

Despite Treyarch claiming that calling in a nuke will end matches instantly, it later clarifies that matches may continue after a nuke is called in. The streak will only wipe all of the players on the map. If that score is enough to tick the score over to a win, then the match will end.

It’s a neat easter egg that’s been turned around into more of a fully-formed feature. Even so, I’m 100% certain that I will never ever earn one for real.

Do you reckon you’re capable of pulling off a nuke in Black Ops Cold War? Let us know across our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Treyarch/Activision