World War 3 Is Now In Full Development At The Farm 51

World War 3, the first person shooter developed by The Farm 51, is now in full development after several years in Early Access.

The Farm 51 just announced that the team’s full efforts are now focused on World War 3 in a development update video.

YouTube video

“The team is working hard to bring you an unparalleled online multiplayer first person shooter experience,” the studio says in the video. It goes on to detail some of the changes that players can expect to see in the coming updates.



Many of the maps have seen major reworks. The Farm 51 has optimised them to improve navigation and make them much more interesting to fight on.

Animations and gunplay have also been overhauled. Work has gone into making animations much more realistic with weapon recoil looking to be a big focus point for the team. Weapon scopes should now also look much better than before.

A new backpack feature now allows players to adjust their loadouts while they have boots on the ground. It’s very similar to the method used in the Crysis games. It’s also remarkably similar to the ‘Plus’ system that will be available in Battlefield 2042 later this year.

World War 3
Credit: The Farm 51

The studio doesn’t confirm when these new updates will be available in the game. We also can’t confirm a date for when the game will leave Early Access.

All of the new content is looking promising for the game, though. It was released in October 2018 on the Steam Early Access program to a tepid reception. At the time of writing, it’s only home to a 24-hour peak of 78 players.

Credit: The Farm 51

With the team making World War 3 its primary focus, it’s possible that it could turn the tables and attract a much bigger community to the shooter. The only concern is that, with a near-future setting, it will be going right up against Battlefield 2042. DICE’s epic shooter offers very similar all-out warfare gameplay and also takes place in a near-future setting akin to World War 3.


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Featured Image Credit: The Farm 51