Apex Legends’ New Rampage LMG Looks Like A Beast

The latest LMG to join Apex Legends’ roster of weapons could be an absolute beast, as we now have a first look at the upcoming changes in the new season.

While map changes and new legends are at the forefront of Apex Legends’ latest season Emergence, its newest weapon is set to heat things up. The Rampage is an LMG and the first of the weapon class to be added since the battle royale launched.

We got our first proper look at the newest weapon thanks to YouTuber staycation. The Rampage is the latest invention from Legend Rampart, so as expected has a little trick up its sleeve.

YouTube video

While the Rampage will use up heavy ammo just like its LMG brethren the Spitfire, Rampage will also have an additional source of power. The Rampage can be supercharged with a Thermite grenade, much like how the Sentinel can with shield cells.


While there is no change in damage, supercharging the Rampage will increase its rate of fire. As a heavy-hitting, but slow-firing LMG supercharging will ensure the Rampage is one to watch out for. Even as a weapon clearly suited for mid-to-long range, supercharging will even help out with some more close range encounters.

Staycation’s video showed that the Rampage will do 42 damage in headshots, 28 in body shots and 24 in arms and legs. And with a reasonably controllable recoil, in the right hands, the Rampage will be deadly. Even deadlier with a couple of thermites at hand.

Apex Legends
Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

One Legend that is sure to always have a Ramage nearby is Fuse. As the only Legend with the ability to double-stack grenades in their inventory, Fuse will always be ready to amp up the Rampage.

It will be interesting to see how the Rampage slots into the current meta. But with the Spitfire heading out of ground loot this season, players will be looking for their LMG fix.

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Feature Image Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment