Apex Legends Character Guide – Which Legend Should You Pick?

With the expansive battle royale hosting a variety of playstyles, you’ll need to know who’s who with the help of our Apex Legends character guide.

Apex Legends is one of the best hero shooters out there. With 18 characters to date and a new character added each season, Apex Legends features a bunch of ways to approach the game.

From long-ranged recon characters to characters that love to get right up into the action, and everything In-between. It can be hard to know your Octanes from your Revenants. Especially with the constantly shifting meta of buffs and nerfs. It is something that works its way through every element of Apex, like its weapons. But one character’s skill can really turn the tides in any encounter.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a handy guide to the best characters you should be picking right now in Apex Legends.


Credit: Respawn Entertainment

It almost goes without saying that Octane is one of the best legends you should be playing as right now. Added to the roster back in Season 1, Octane has maintained one of the highest pick rates in the game since. And for good reason.

Octane is one of the best assault characters in the game, and not for any damaging abilities. Octane is all about speed and movement. His tactical stim cells allow him to move 30% faster. This is an excellent ability to move around your enemies quickly, or even for a quick escape. Stims recharge after one second but do 20 damage. However, to counter this, when not taking damage, Octane will gradually regenerate health.  

The best ability of Octane’s however, is his jump pad ultimate. The jump pad has a fairly quick recharge and can launch players in any direction they choose. Not only is the jump pad incredibly fun to use, but it can also be extremely effective for third partying, making quick escapes and fleeing the zone. The removal of tap-strafing may impact Octane’s popularity, but that change is yet to be implemented.


Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Bloodhound has been around since day one. And in that time, they have become a reliable tracker in the Apex Games. Bloodhound can spot enemy tracks and will even tell you how long ago they were there. This can give you a sense of how nearby they may be and is great for squads on the hunt.

Their tactical, Eye of the Allfather, sends out a bubble scan which will mark nearby enemies for a few seconds. This can really help the team coordinate to specific enemies. However, their ultimate is a bit more personal. Beast of the Hunt will highlight all tracks and enemies red, meaning you can attack with pin-point precision.


Apex Legends Seer
Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

Seer is the newest kid on the block. Arriving with the launch of Season 10, Seer is the first recon character to seriously counter Bloodhound. He even had to receive a quick nerf after arriving to the game overpowered.

Seer is the perfect legend to avoid third partying. With a heart seeker passive, you’ll be able to detect the heartbeats of any players within 75 metres. All you need to do is aim down sights. It can restrict the your movement somewhat, but even using it for a quick second can alert you to nearby enemies.

Seer’s tactical is a bit more direct. Blasting a tunnel in any direction, any player caught inside will be marked for the whole team. Focus of Attention not only shows the enemy location and their health bars, but also interrupts healing, meaning its perfect for pushing retreating enemies.

Lastly, his Ultimate Exhibit, casts a large dome which will highlight any moving or shooting enemy within it. Exhibit can be perfect for those areas full of cover, and seems tailor made for final circles. Beware though, the dome is visible from afar so can draw in unwanted attention.


Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Wraith is another OG Apex character, and like Octane has maintained one of the highest pick rates since her introduction. Her abilities focus on teleportation, and with the right placement, can give you the positional advantage over your enemies.

To start, her passive will notify you when an enemy player has either you or your teammates in their sites. That’ll save you from those pesky sniper shots, especially, if there are some Kraber kicking about. However, if a player does manage to get the drop on you, Wraith’s tactical Into The Void, will allow you to disappear into another dimension temporarily. This can give you the time to get into cover, or if you’re feeling adventurous, into a flanking position. The only drawback is that Wraith’s tactical has audio and visual cues, which make it easy to spot.

Dimensional Rift, Wraith’s ultimate, can be a life saver in those final circles. Positioning is everything as your options begin to run out. This is where a teleport becomes handy. Wraith’s ability can transport your team to safety at speed. Combined with some other elements such as Octane’s jump pad can even create a teleport to the high ground.


Credit: Respawn Entertainment

I’ll admit that Gibraltar is never my first pick in a squad, as he isn’t always the most fun to play. But this legend has one of the best defensive abilities out there, and it’s shown by his consistent appearance in pro-Esport teams.

Gibraltar or Gibby, is a shield fortress. His passive equips him with an arm-mounted shield for additional protection. However, this can also draw attention, so many don’t equip it when scouting out the horizon. His tactical, the Dome of Protection is an impenetrable shield, which will deflect everything from bullets to grenades to artillery fire. Enemy teams can walk through the shield, even then popping in and out can be solid defense.

However, one of the best uses of Gibby’s shield, it to protect you from his own Ultimate. Gibby’s Defensive Bombardment will blanket an entire area with artillery fire. While other legends such as Bangalore have a similar abilities, Gibby’s is one of pure power. Throwing your ultimate on an approaching team and using your dome for cover can absolutely ruin the opposition.

So, there are all of the best legends you should be picking at the moment. Of course, Legends like Bangalore, Valkyrie and Horizon could have just as easily been on here. And at the end of the day, you’ll find the legend that best fits your playstyle.

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Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment