Apex Legends Weapons Guide – The Best Weapons To Use

Apex games are a dangerous thing, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the best Apex Legends weapons to back you up.

There are so many elements at play when dropping into a match on Apex Legends. Which legends to pick, strategies to use and the best way to utilise movement. However, something that is the same for each and every character are the guns. While some legends play better long-range and others close, a firm grip of a solid weapon will do damage all the same.

The meta may be constantly shifting but with Season 10 in full swing, we thought it was time to take a look at the top five weapons you should be using in Apex Legends.


Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The R99 is your close-ranged best friend. With an insanely high fire rate, anyone close enough and on the wrong end of its barrel will be overwhelmed as its wrecks their health bar. However, with such a high fire rate, you’ll want to find an extended light mag, and fast. The R99 is also one of the few weapons that can don the Digital Threat sight which highlights enemies as you aim down sights. Pairing this with Bangalore’s smokes can be deadly, but even though he just received a nerf, you should still keep an eye out for Seer’s scan.


Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The R301 has been a fan-favourite since day one and continues to be the go-to reliable assault rifle. With low recoil and high damage, this is a great all-purpose rifle that can deal equal damage at close and long range. Although it might seem odd at first, even throwing a 3x scope on this will do a decent number on those distant enemies.


Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The L-Star has long been the butt of many jokes in Apex lobbies. Cast aside with the likes of the Mozambique, with its wide-spread fire and over-heating mags, the L-Star struggled to find its home. However, with the launch of Emergence, the L-Star received a much-needed buff. While this LMG, is understandably, not the greatest at close-range, throwing another one of those 3x scopes will destroy enemies from afar. It has a little bit more recoil than you’d maybe like but if you manage your fire and avoid overheating, this can be an excellent suppresser.


Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The Rampage is the first LMG to be added to Apex Legends since it launched. Essentially replacing the Spitfire – long may they rest – the Rampage is a heavy thudding beast of a rifle. With a slow fire rate, the Rampage can be great for those long-distance suppressions. However, chuck in a thermite grenade to charge it up, and the Rampage will beam anyone that gets in its way. You’ll want something a little lighter as backup, however, when things get up close and personal.


Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment

The Prowler had spent the longest time locked away in Care Package drops. However, the new Emergence season brought the weapon back into the ground loot with a few changes. While this SMG will no longer shoot full-auto, it’s three-burst can be just as deadly. Much like the R301, the Prowler is superb at close range with the best hip-firing accuracy and the game, but it can hold its own at longer ranges.

While weapons are really down to personal preference, these are the most popular picks at the moment. I adore the Havoc rifle with a turbo charger attachment, but I do not know a single person that feels the same way. If you’re new to the game, try experimenting in the shooting range. There are a ton of weapons, each with their own pros and cons. But guaranteed the next time you drop into one of the game’s three maps, it will be one of these weapons that kill you.  

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Feature Image Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment