Is This The PUBG Successor We’ve Been Waiting For?

Crowz Squad Operation is an intense first-person shooter that reminds us of popular shooters like PUBG and Battlefield 3, but can it live up to its influences?

Crowz, from the outside, looks like a Battlefield 3/PUBG clone. With grounded first-person shooting and modern weaponry, Crowz relies on tactical trench warfare. Developed by RoyalCrow, it is hoping to shake up the shooter genre with a hybrid of Battle Royale.

With a focus on vehicle physics and realistic environments, Crowz certainly looks the part. But will the Korean developer manage to capture an audience when Crowz releases later this year?

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Crowz and the Battle For Attention

Crowz joins the likes of Hell Let Loose as an indie shooter experience. It will drop teams of four into contaminated areas, with the aim to extract a resource titled Q-on. A recent gameplay trailer revealed a recognisable wall of green gas spreading after a meteor lands in the forest. Squads are tasked with securing the resource and extracting, with the meteors leaning into its Battle Royale influence.

Besides other enemy squads also trying to secure the resource, Crowz will have “various deadly factors” at play. Among them are “devastating environments” and the “side effects of forbidden drugs”. The second sort of piques my interest, so I’ll be curious to see how that comes into play.

Credit: RoyalCrows

This is RoyalCrows first game as a studio, but the team have “years of know-how and experiences”. It’s clear to see that Crowz is taking influence from the likes of Battlefield 3 and PUBG. While the game has no concrete release, it is set to launch sometimes in 2021.

Crowz scheduled for a PC-only release. Hopefully with continued support it could see an eventual console release.

Do you like the look of Crowz Squad Operations? Or does it look like a tired Battlefield/PUBG clone? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: RoyalCrows