Should Apex Legends Introduce Wall-Running?

Apex Legends has some of the best movement in a first-person shooter, but a recent mod showcased how wall-running could make it even better.

Apex Legends was the battle-royale based successor to Respawn Entertainment’s previous game, Titanfall 2. Many of the successful ingredients for Apex Legends stem from Titanfall 2, which featured supreme movement and killer gunplay.

Despite many elements making their way to Apex Legends, wall-running was noticeably absent. However, a recent yet unofficial mod has showcased what wall-running would look like in Apex Legends.

Could Wall-Running Work In Apex Legends?

The mod, which was created by u/MrCommunist123, showcases Caustic running and double-jumping from wall to wall in Skyhook on World’s Edge. Funnily enough, the mod also shows the character in third-person. Personally, I think a third-person mode is entirely wrong for Apex, so I’m going to remain focused on the wall-running.

As cool as wall-running is, and how well it worked in Titanfall, it would raise some serious issues with balancing. We’ve seen how much one character can affect balancing in Seer, who just received a nerf. Wall-running could dampen the abilities of characters like Valkyrie or Octane. Why use a jetpack or jump pad when you can just wall-run up a building?

Credit: Respawn
Credit: Respawn/EA

However, Apex’s three maps are not designed with wall-running in mind. This means that there are few areas that would be properly affected by it. But that also begs the question of whether it is even worth including.

Respawn could test the feature out through a limited-time mode to gauge player interest. Features such as Evo Shields and Heat Shields were tested out in limited time modes before being brought into the full game. However, I feel like a feature such as wall-running could easily turn more players off than entice them in.

What do you think about wall-running? Would you like to see it introduced into Apex Legends? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment