Dying Light 2 Shows Off Grand Setting And Revamped Movement System

Dying Light 2 is nearing, and Techland were keen to show how they’ve changed their traversal system in the upcoming zombie-sequel.

The original Dying Light has some of the best first person traversal ever. The zombie-infested city of Harran was a playground for players to jump across rooftops and flykick zombies off them. And with a sequel on the horizon, Techland are aiming to improve upon what made the first game so special.

In a recent trailer released during the Xbox Showcase, Techland highlighted a revamped traversal system which would allow players to explore the expansive city of Villedor.

YouTube video
Credit: IGN

Exploring Villedor

The new trailer really brought home that this was a completely new setting for Dying Light 2. Replacing the slum areas of Harran are tall skyscrapers. This is, or was, a modern and wealthy city and it brings a lot of free-running potential with it too.

Through the use of ziplines, grapples, para-gliders and wall-running players will run through zombie nests and gang hideouts with ease. It seems that players will even be able to use zombies has crash mats while jumping out of skyscrapers. We also got a quick glance at some more of Dying Light 2’s terrifying zombies.

Credit: Techland/ Xbox Wire

It’s not just the traversal that has been improved, however, as combat has also recieved a decent face-lift. With reliance of melee combat, the recent trailer showcased new dodge, vault and slam mechanics, introducing a more playful gameplay approach. Our new protagonist Aiden is seen sporting some nasty chain knuckle duster, which show a new emphasis on post-apocalyptic melee weapons.

Tymon Smektala stated that human combat encounters would be “more frequent and important than in Dying Light 1”. And with a larger emphasis on melee combat focusing in on human enemies it only makes ssense.

Dying Light 2 will launch on December 7th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Feature Image Credit: Techland/ Gamespot