Dying Light 2 Development Update Is Coming This Week

The developer of Dying Light 2, Techland, has scheduled a developer update announcement for later this week (via GamingBible).

Techland released a short teaser video for the announcement on Twitter and Discord. They teased fans with the caption: “We’ve got a few words to share with you about the Dying Light 2 development process. Be sure to be with us next Wednesday [March 17].”

Watch it below!


It would be great to learn when we’ll finally get to play the game. However, we don’t think anyone will be hearing more about a release date on Wednesday. 

No Dying Light 2 Release? Why?

Screenshot of dying light one
Credit: Techland

A Techland developer told discord users to keep their expectations in check and that there wouldn’t be a release date announcement [via TwistedVoxel]:

“Honestly, to keep the expectations in tact [sic] I can say already that there won’t be a release date announcement, but there will be more than simple ‘the development is going smoothly,’


The game was originally announced in 2018 and was meant to release in the Spring of 2020. However, it was delayed to allow more time for development.

Earlier this year, a rumour circulated that Dying Light 2 might release on 25th May 2021 due to a leaked retailer listing. Techland squashed those rumours, saying that the release date was simply a placeholder.

The original Dying Light released in early 2015, after a delay of its own. It saw players parkour their way through a middle-eastern city in the middle of a zombie outbreak.


Dying Light 2 looks to be much more ambitious than its predecessor. New narrative choices will have an impact on the outcome of the story, as well as the world you inhabit. Furthermore, completing missions for different factions and communities will change how your character progresses. 

The changes make the sequel sound more like an immersive-sim RPG, compared to the action-shooter genre of the original title.

Watch the 2019 gameplay walkthrough below! 

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: Techland