Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool “Sequel” Work Has Already Begun

Deadpool released last week and went on to become the highest grossing ‘R’ rated movie ever made. This made it obvious that Marvel weren’t going to hold back on making a sequel for the movie. Ryan Reynolds just confirmed the same During an Empire podcast Reynolds went on record to say that scriptwriting work for the … Read more

10 Great Things We Want The Elder Scrolls 6 To Feature

After a huge launch for Bethesda with Fallout 4, we can only speculate on what’s to come next. The revisit of Doom is on the horizon and Bethesda have said there will  be an Elder Scrolls 6 however it won’t be for a very, very long time. Although it’s only weeks since the release of Fallout … Read more

Phil Fish Announces Fez 2 Production During April Fool’s Day

What may very well be a cheap April Fool’s Day prank, Phil Fish has took to Twitter and announced that he is back and ready to continue the development of Fez 2. Now the real question is if Phil is pulling a prank or if he really is sincere on developing the highly anticipated sequel … Read more

Naughty Dog Deciding On The Last of Us 2 or New IP

To say Naughty Dog is a popular game development studio is a vast understatement. There’s no telling as to what the developers will come up with next but one thing is for sure, it will likely be a smashing hit. Recently, Eurogamer had the chance to speak with Neil Druckmann who is a writer for … Read more