Phil Fish Announces Fez 2 Production During April Fool’s Day

What may very well be a cheap April Fool’s Day prank, Phil Fish has took to Twitter and announced that he is back and ready to continue the development of Fez 2. Now the real question is if Phil is pulling a prank or if he really is sincere on developing the highly anticipated sequel to the popular indie title Fez?

First some background on Fez. The indie title was developed by Polytron Corporation, a company that Phil Fish was a founder of. During it’s development, Fez was actually featured in a 2012 documentary known as Indie Game: The Movie which Phil, along with other developers, spoke of their current development titles. Once the video game was released, Fez received several awards and even sold a million copies within the first year.

Fez 2 was a title that was being developed under Phil Fish until out of nowhere, Phil left the industry. A tweet was sent out from Phil stating that he had enough of the abuse towards the gaming industry and his decision to cancel the development of Fez 2 and his leave from the industry was a mixture of several issues.


Today, Phil Fish tweeted out that he was back along with Fez 2. Seeing how today is April Fool’s Day, Phil very well could be toying with us and those hopeful fans of Fez looking for a sequel.