Ubisoft Will Continue Supporting Previous Generation Consoles

If you own the PlayStation 3 and haven’t made the jump to a PlayStation 4 quite yet, no worries. There will still be plenty of video games coming out for the PS3 especially from Ubisoft who recently talked with Edge. Lionel Raynaud, the vice president of creative at Ubisoft announced that the development team will still bring out video games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for years to come.

Raynaud mentions that the development process in the future won’t be affecting the release of a past generation copy of a game. There will be times that some titles will be lacking on the PlayStation 3 in terms of what the game could offer on the latest PlayStation 4 but overall the title will still be a great play through.

If you decide that new gen is lead for all of your games, then you have no restrictions at all–you’re just saying that the other generation will maybe not be able to have everything but still be a better game than we’re used to having on this generation.

In terms of what you can expect Ubisoft to bring out for the latest generation consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4, it’s all about connectivity. Ubisoft is looking more depth about the PS4 and Xbox One’s capabilities since they are both capable of being always online. Because of this feature, the development team is looking to see just how they can exploit the feature and create a new unique gameplay mechanic.