This is a videogame where the main character knows who you are

This game knows a scary amount of info about you without even asking. In fact, the entire in-game world already knows your name when you don’t even know it exists. This game completely disregards the fourth wall. You are a god to the people of Oneshot’s world, and the main character is Niko, the messiah. … Read more

This is a first-person videogame about sentient corn

Forgot about Children of the Corn, it’s not the children you’ve got to worry about anymore… Ever wondered what would happen if a couple of scientists misunderstood orders from the US Government and ended up creating sentient corn? Wonder no longer… Maize is a PC game available on Steam which was released on December 1st. … Read more

We worked hard to make the PS4 accessible to indie devs – Sony

Sony’s PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan held an interview with CVG and talked about how Sony is working really hard in making a fair even ground for indie developers to create and develop video games for the PlayStation 4. CVG asked Jim Ryan about the indie video game development studios and how Sony it approaching … Read more

Sony Reveals PS Vita Will Focus on Indie Titles

The demand for handheld portable gaming systems are certainly not as strong as they use to be. However, Sony is pulling the PS Vita handheld system anytime soon and instead reveals that the system will be more focused on indie titles rather than the big AAA first-party video games. As we mentioned, the demand for … Read more

Sony on Indie Video Games “We live it, and breath it, and bleed it”

Gaming has a very broad catalog. There’s literally something for everyone whether you love RPG’s, platformers, first-person shooters to sports titles. Though when it comes to Sony, it’s not just the AAA titles that helps a system to grow and increase interest in gaming but indie titles as well. It’s no secret that Sony enjoys … Read more

Phil Fish Announces Fez 2 Production During April Fool’s Day

What may very well be a cheap April Fool’s Day prank, Phil Fish has took to Twitter and announced that he is back and ready to continue the development of Fez 2. Now the real question is if Phil is pulling a prank or if he really is sincere on developing the highly anticipated sequel … Read more

Sony Grabs Up Indie Title The Swapper

Sony loves the indie video game community and one title that the company was eager to grab up was the hit PC title┬áThe Swapper. You may have seen The Swapper last year when it debut on PC by Facepalm Games. This is a puzzle side-scrolling video game where players are left stranded on a space … Read more