Sony Reveals PS Vita Will Focus on Indie Titles

The demand for handheld portable gaming systems are certainly not as strong as they use to be. However, Sony is pulling the PS Vita handheld system anytime soon and instead reveals that the system will be more focused on indie titles rather than the big AAA first-party video games.

As we mentioned, the demand for a console that is portable for video games isn’t nearly as strong as it was years ago. With the use of smartphones and even tablets, gamers can enjoy quick little video games at a low price or completely free. With that said, Shuhei Yoshida president of Sony Worldwide Studios, spoke of what is to come on the PS Vita with Polygon.

During the interview, Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the PS Vita would have worked last generation. The system was able to match the console of the PlayStation 3 which is what the developers aimed for. Although, once the PlayStation 4 was released the PS Vita graphics couldn’t match what consoles were able to produce.

Instead of the first-party support of the latest video games, the PS Vita will be seeing more indie titles to gain more attention.

“It’s very fortunate that the indie boom happened and they are providing lots of great content to Vita. I think actually the biggest star to help provide great content to Vita going forward.”

Shuhei Yoshida also mentioned that the PS Vita will be used more as PlayStation 4 companion device with the help of remote play. With PlayStation Now also in the works, the PS Vita will also have that service to highlight as well.