Lionhead Studios Reveals Incubation Team Devs

Lionhead is working on bringing out a brand new IP that will be huge successful hit. According to the Lionhead Studios, John Needham, the development team has a small group known as the incubation team which their sole purpose is to create prototypes for possible upcoming IPs.

John Needham of Lionhead Studios spoke with Eurogamer. During their talk, it was revealed that Lionhead Studios has a small eight-person incubation team. This team of developers, which features creative director Gary Carr, are working on brand new prototypes which may end up being the next big IP from the studio.

Lionhead Studios isn’t just a studio that makes Fable games is what John Needham is trying to ensure people. While the team is working on new prototypes that could give Lionhead Studios something to reveal this time next year, the team will also be working on features that will make their way into the next Fable Legends video game.