Sounds Like Fable 4 Is Finally Starting Development

The Fable games are absolute classics, and if you were hoping for a fourth instalment in the franchise then we’ve got a very exciting PSA for you. A number of job listings that’ve been unearthed online look like¬†they’re¬†officially advertising for staff for Fable 4. Hooray! Rumours of a fourth Fable had been flying around basically … Read more

6 Incredible Games That Are Probably Never Coming Back

There are a lot of great gaming IP’s out there. Some of them get the chances they deserve to shine, others just kind of fall by the wayside. Here’s a look at six incredible games that we’ll probabally never see again, but we can keep our fingers crossed either way. 6. Mass Effect This once-beloved … Read more

Six videogames that tried to fool gamers but failed miserably

The video gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut which is chock-full of big wig publishers and developers. In today’s day and age, big-budget games are no less than a blockbuster Hollywood movie when it comes to budgets and promotions. Often times publishing houses announce the next ‘big’ project and make bold promises convincing gamers … Read more

Lionhead Studios Reveals Incubation Team Devs

Lionhead is working on bringing out a brand new IP that will be huge successful hit. According to the Lionhead Studios, John Needham, the development team has a small group known as the incubation team which their sole purpose is to create prototypes for possible upcoming IPs. John Needham of Lionhead Studios spoke with Eurogamer. … Read more