Sounds Like Fable 4 Is Finally Starting Development

The Fable games are absolute classics, and if you were hoping for a fourth instalment in the franchise then we’ve got a very exciting PSA for you.

A number of job listings that’ve been unearthed online look like they’re officially advertising for staff for Fable 4.


Rumours of a fourth Fable had been flying around basically forever, but at this year’s E3 we finally got some semi-concrete evidence of its development when Microsoft announced it’d acquired Playground Games and was working on a “AAA open world RPG.”

Playground – known for working on the Forza Horizon games – was reported by Eurogamer to be carrying on with the Fable franchise after its original studio, Lionhead Games shut its doors back in 2016.

A batch of Playground Games job listings have cropped up online, and with lots of positions available, it seems they’ve got big plans for a future title.

One of the descriptions reads: “Playground Games is seeking an Senior Character Artist who will be responsible for creating a diverse variety of characters needed to realise the vision for an entirely new AAA open world action / RPG project.”

It’s also being reported that 177 new staff members are being recruited to work on the mysterious/not-so-mysterious RPG.

Due to the sheer numbers of people being recruited, it’s clear that the project is barely into development, but it’s a safe bet that this is Fable 4 and it’s definitely in the works.

What do you think about the news? Is this really Fable 4, or is it something else?