Blizzard has put out a Statement about Diablo 4 Rumours

Last week Diablo fans were thrown into a tizzy when the schedule for the upcoming Blizzcon 2018 event showed that there was an allocated time slot for an exciting Diablo update. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting any news on a potential Diablo 4 for basically forever now, and people were pretty hyped at the thought … Read more

Sounds Like Fable 4 Is Finally Starting Development

The Fable games are absolute classics, and if you were hoping for a fourth instalment in the franchise then we’ve got a very exciting PSA for you. A number of job listings that’ve been unearthed online look like they’re officially advertising for staff for Fable 4. Hooray! Rumours of a fourth Fable had been flying around basically … Read more

GTA V Release Date Leaked – Rumor

According to a report at Idigital, Grand Theft Auto V might be closer to shelves than most people believe. According to the site, one of their users got an email from Microsoft who marked the title for a March 24 release date. Now, we’ll know how Pre-order dates can be place holders but it’s something right? Maybe, … Read more