PlayStation Now Pricing Screenshots Leaked

New screenshots have leaked for the PlayStation Now service. The screenshots reveal several video games just how much gamers will have to pay to rent these titles for any given amount of time.

From the images which can be viewed below, PlayStation Now will have four different rental options. Gamers can rent a video game for either 4 hours, 7 days, 30 days or 90 days. Though, not all the prices are the same for each option. The amount a gamer will pay will differ between each video game.

For instance, you can pay anywhere from $15 for a full 90 days or upwards of $30. We’ve seen in the past press release from Sony that the pricing will ultimately be decided upon developers and publishers of the video game. Though some gamers are confused with Sony’s pricing with Final Fantasy XIII-2 can be up for rent at $30 for 90 days while you can purchase the game in the PS Store for only $19.99. Perhaps these screenshots¬†are false or the pricing hasn’t fully been revealed yet.