Sony PS4 Europe Demand Causing Console Shortages

The PlayStation 4 may have started to clam down in some parts of the world. You might not be struggling to find a PS4 to purchase where you’re located but within Europe, that’s a different story. Turns out that Sony is still struggling to keep up with the demand and markets are finding consoles sold out the very day they are placed on store shelves.

Sony UK and Ireland boss Fergal Gara spoke with TrustedReviews where he revealed that the PlayStation 4 is still selling as if it’s still day one of launch. Fergal Gara mentioned that the Sony consoles are in high demand within certain locations of Europe and it’s tough to keep these consoles within store shelves.

While Fergal Gara couldn’t announce any sales at the time, he did reassure that the PlayStation 4 will be selling for a good while before things calm down as Sony tries to keep up with stock.

“There are countries that are still selling out every last unit that drops into the market on a weekly basis. A good example at the moment would be Germany who had phenomenal sales figures last week, but they just haven’t had enough stock so far.”