We worked hard to make the PS4 accessible to indie devs – Sony

Sony’s PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan held an interview with CVG and talked about how Sony is working really hard in making a fair even ground for indie developers to create and develop video games for the PlayStation 4.

CVG asked Jim Ryan about the indie video game development studios and how Sony it approaching them in bringing their work on the PlayStation 4. According to Jim Ryan, Sony decided to really push the PlayStation 4 dev kits to be available for independent developers more so then the PlayStation 3.

we will go out and look at a small number of games and seek to help the developer make those games as successful as they possibly can, and that support can take a whole range of forms.

It can take the form of financial support, it can take the form of having Sean Murray from Hello Games on the stage at E3, there are many ways to do it and we try not to be prescriptive and say “this is the template you have to follow, this is the path.” We just talk to each of the indies that we really want to work closely with and find out what presses their hot button and see what we can do to help them. Sometimes we can, and sometimes we can’t.