Sony on Indie Video Games “We live it, and breath it, and bleed it”

Gaming has a very broad catalog. There’s literally something for everyone whether you love RPG’s, platformers, first-person shooters to sports titles. Though when it comes to Sony, it’s not just the AAA titles that helps a system to grow and increase interest in gaming but indie titles as well.

It’s no secret that Sony enjoys the indie titles for their consoles. Indie titles help create something new and fresh allowing the gaming industry to grow. Adam Boyes, Sony VP of developer and publisher relations spoke with CVG on the matter.

Adam Boyes explained that indie games and developers play a huge role in not only Sony and take the developers and video games just as seriously as the AAA titles that are released from big name studios.


“We care very deeply about it. We live it, and breath it, and bleed it. These are people who we respect, these are people we have dinners with and I don’t know, it’s a lovefest.”

We should expect a number of indie titles highlighted during this year’s E3 much like last year with Sony’s press conference.