Square Enix Launches New Teaser RPG Website

The Square Enix development team has launched a brand new website which seems to be teasing an upcoming RPG title. Details are very scarce but since there’s nothing that indicates this teaser website as being a joke for April Fool’s Day, it seems that this teaser is certainly the real deal.

Square Enix’s teaser website which can be found here, is titled as Team 043 though we can assume this is just a makeshift title for now. Translated from the teaser website, Square Enix is developing a “Ranobe-Style RPG” which is a style of novels for a younger audience in Japan. These novels are episodic and often produced in a form of manga and anime.

Other than the RPG title being labeled as a ranobe-style, the teaser website labels several voice actors who will be featured within the development process. This announcement comes right after Square Enix announcement to start developing video game titles that would please core fans of the JRPG. In the meantime, we will keep you updated once more information is released on Team 043.