GameStop Offering $20 For MLB 14: The Show For PS3 to PS4 Upgrade

Major League Baseball fans who have the latest MLB 14: The Show on the PlayStation 3 can upgrade their copy for a PlayStation 4 version. It will take a few little requirements from GameStop but the upgrade cost would be just $20. There’s also some promotional events going on with GameStop as well that could earn you some credit in-store or in-game.

GameStop has announced that anyone who have purchased the MLB 14: The Show video game on the PlayStation 3 from their retail stores, can upgrade to the PlayStation 4 copy for just $20. You will be trading in the PlayStation 3 copy of the game however and you must have a PowerUp Rewards Membership.

Though that’s not all GameStop is offering. Apparently, there is a special trade-in promotion going on which means that any video games, consoles, smartphones and tablets that you toss in will give you 30 percent in-store credit bonus. Those of you who already have a pre-order of MLB 14: The Show from GameStop will be receiving $20 of in-game currency. Not a bad promotion for baseball fans out there. You can pick up MLB 14: The Show for the PlayStation 4 on May 6th 2014.


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