10 Must-Read Tips for Building Your Own PC

Building your own PC is a highly rewarding job, because at the end of the day you can enjoy a well-deserved gaming session on the new machine that you created with your own two hands. But as this task is quite enjoyable, it can also be quite delicate, knowing how to choose and install all … Read more

GameStop Offering $20 For MLB 14: The Show For PS3 to PS4 Upgrade

Major League Baseball fans who have the latest MLB 14: The Show on the PlayStation 3 can upgrade their copy for a PlayStation 4 version. It will take a few little requirements from GameStop but the upgrade cost would be just $20. There’s also some promotional events going on with GameStop as well that could … Read more

Battlefield 4 Ultimate Shortcut Bundle Announced

Battlefield 4 players will be given the opportunity to take a shortcut and grab up all the upgrades for each class and weapons arsenal. The DLC will put you back $50 if you opt for each class though you can simply upgrade a specific class if desired. This would be a great way for new … Read more