Epic Games Just Made A Huge Announcement About Fortnite

Epic Games has just made a huge announcement about Fortnite. The gaming company showed its hand with this interesting post… Here’s what we know about the limited-time event so far. The mode is called “getaway” and we’ll have a certain amount of time to complete special challenges to go along with the event. The new … Read more

You Wouldn’t Believe What Rockstar Announced For GTA VI

Since the popular release of GTA V in September 2013, fans of Rockstar Games have been kept in the dark about the details of the next installment of the series. Related Video: GTA VI: Six Things That Will Make It The Best Game Ever Many fans have speculated that GTA V would be the last … Read more

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Announcement Trailer

The upcoming Namco Bandai Games Dragon Ball Project has an official name with an announcement trailer. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the upcoming Dragon Ball video game where players can once again relive past battles from the manga and anime series. There’s still plenty of information left out though the trailer does show an overall improvement … Read more

VizionEck Announced For PS4

VizionEck development studio announced the release of a new slightly different first-person shooter title for the PlayStation 4. The game is known as¬†VizionEck, the same name as the company. Michael Armbust, founder and lead developer of the development studio, announced the game on the PlayStation Blog. You play as a cube in a world were … Read more

Square Enix Launches New Teaser RPG Website

The Square Enix development team has launched a brand new website which seems to be teasing an upcoming RPG title. Details are very scarce but since there’s nothing that indicates this teaser website as being a joke for April Fool’s Day, it seems that this teaser is certainly the real deal. Square Enix’s teaser website … Read more

Bioshock’s Irrational Games Sadly Shutting Down

Bioshock fans will surely be disappointed as Irrational Games announced today via an open letter stating that the studio will be closing down. Ken Levine’s letter talks about the future of his work and other employees currently within Irrational Games. Sadly, the last piece coming out from the studio will be the latest DLC for … Read more