10 Great Things We Want The Elder Scrolls 6 To Feature

After a huge launch for Bethesda with Fallout 4, we can only speculate on what’s to come next. The revisit of Doom is on the horizon and Bethesda have said there will  be an Elder Scrolls 6 however it won’t be for a very, very long time.

Although it’s only weeks since the release of Fallout 4, we already know that Bethesda have started development of the newest Elder Scrolls game, rumoured to be titled Redguard, so in what lengths could Bethesda go to improve on Skyrim?

Role playing games are an ever growing audience in today’s gaming culture, their worlds and stories keep us locked in for hundreds of hours exploring and questing. For Skyrim’s sequel to better not only its previous title but other top RPG’s like the Witcher games, it will need to take note of a few key things.

We’ve took the time to really find out what makes the Bethesda RPGs so great, specifically the Elder Scrolls games, and what do we want to see in the next game of the series.

Better Combat System


Addressing its combat. You may or may not like the way the combat feels in Skyrim but for ES6 a step up is always expected, the game demands less ‘floaty’ combat and more weight behind each weapon swing. Each type of weapon should feel different and refreshing to use, a dagger or short sword shouldn’t have the weight or power of a great axe but should be much more agile.

As the Elder Scrolls series are games set in a fantasy world, we want new spells, and more of them. Although the Fus Ro Dah is Skyrim’s all-in-one, when you look at games like Dragons Dogma that have complex spells that emit amazing effects when cast it just puts Skyrim’s spell variety to shame.

A World That Feels Alive

maxresdefault (3)

The world of Skyrim was pretty extensive, but large worlds just doesn’t cut it in a top RPG, we want a world that feels alive. The world that ES6 will be set in needs to feel captivating and should feel rewarding and interesting to explore, that’s one of the biggest feelings I had playing through Skyrim. I just never felt involved enough to explore like I have in other open world games.

The attention to detail in Bethesda games have always been great, just look at how detailed Fallout 4 is (in parts). We want this to continue with care and encourage the need to search every crevice of the game.

More Enemy Types


Several different enemy types. Skyrim had some pretty decent enemies, the dragon fights were pretty intense, but that ultimately became the game’s downfall as it all became dull after a while. Even the dragon encounters became stale. What we want to see is a strong diverse set of encounters, something that makes the best moments memorable.

Features like unique interesting named enemies, more fantasy-like creatures, new varieties of abilities for some enemies. Just think, not only could you be taking on dragons, you could test your might against gryphons and all sorts of fantasy in the lore, they could even go ahead and create a horde of their own unique fantasy creatures. The Falmer is a superb example of this, the blind goblin-like creature made it a curious encounter.

More Weapon Variation


Everyone wants to have their own badass weapon that shows what kind of warrior they are. While the weapons in Skyrim are interesting, we want to see more unique weapon drops with useful attributes. The ability to customise parts of your weapons, not only for damage but to get that look about your weapon that caters for your characters choice of killing tool.

Considering the level of customisation Bethesda added to Fallout 4, we can assume that they’ll add this feature to the future Elder Scrolls game because it’s what the game really needs.

This goes for armor too, when I roll up over a hill I want my character to look like he’s kitted out for the quest at hand. The more detail in each piece of armor the better, sets that are unique drops from exploring or questing, and with all this the option to edit and build your armor and weapons.

A Better Storyline

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The biggest issue I had with Skyrim is the lack of a well written story. The main storyline just seemed lazy and there were plenty of questlines ripped straight from previous games like Morrowind and Oblivion.

What we need to see is a rework of the way questing works in Elder Scrolls. Games like Dark Souls are well known and loved for the way the world tells you its story through osmosis, the Elder Scrolls games are for the less hardcore. I think the game needs to have waypoints and quest objective markers, I know many will disagree, but I think there also needs to be an option to have these removed so you can find your own way.

When I choose a path and a questline to follow if the build up leads to a colossal climax the game world should feel like something major has happened. How irritating is it when you spend hours following a major side narrative that sets up to change the outcome of the land affecting the main story only for nothing to change or happen. Infuriating.

NPCs which react better


The NPC’s in games need to be relatable. They need to be fun to be around but feel as though you can develop a relationship with them, unique named characters should have particular traits and voices so to distinguish them from townsfolk or bandits.

Skyrim’s NPC’s weren’t the best I’ve seen in games, in fact sometimes they were just poor. Reused voice acting could make a character you started to like sound exactly like that random guard you past earlier. Even a cool unique named Bandit could have the same generic voice as general townsfolk, it can easily break the immersion that the game tries to imply.

A New Engine

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Upgrade the engine. We’re all expecting this, we’re easily into the next generation of consoles and the PC community for Skyrim was enormous. Scrap that old engine that we’re still seeing in Fallout 4 and develop a brand new one that caters for the features a game like Elder Scrolls 6 needs.

With the development of a new engine this might just allow a bigger, better looking world with more capability to run better on PC and console.

As we’re not seeing ES6 for a while the development team will be working on assets and hopefully making this a really pretty game, albeit we know how Bethesda games tend to have that janky look and play.

More Mod Support


Continue the support for bigger, better mods. The Skyrim modding community is one of the best out there, personally it’s one of the first games I got chance to fully mod my game and well, isn’t it beautiful.

Bethesda really can’t step on their feet and bring any of this to an end, with Fallout 4 getting mods to the Xbox One early next year, we can only expect Elder Scrolls to get the same treatment, so maybe as the PC players get access to the mods the console players could get them too.

A Glitch-free Launch


Clean launch. One thing that can ruin a game, a terrible, terrible launch. Look what happened to the Arkham Knight this year, given the game wasn’t the best in the series but it took a huge hit as the game was essentially broken on the PC. We don’t think Bethesda could make this mistake but it’s one we still are hoping they avoid.

Nothing worse than getting your brand new copy of a beloved game and it being impossible to play due to game breaking bugs.

Adding Some Fresh New Features Never Seen before


Something innovative to the series. This year’s Fallout 4 brought us some new features such as the creative building and the additional crafting. Bethesda needs to see to it that substance gets added to the game to boost its identity from Skyrim, I feel if there’s no definitive addition there’ll be endless comments butchering Bethesda about making a Skyrim clone for the sake of safe sales.

Agree with what we’ve said? Are you excited for the next Elder Scrolls game or are you still satisfied with Fallout? Drop a comment below.