People Believe The Next Elder Scrolls Game Will Be About a Deadly Plague

We know literally nothing about the Elder Scrolls 6 – or at least, almost nothing. It’s generally believed to be called “Redfall,” which we learned from a trademark application filed by Bethesda earlier this year, but apart from that? Nothing at all. Reddit sleuths have been hard at work trying to find some sort of … Read more

Report: Elder Scrolls VI will support this incredible new feature

Image: Bethesda Details are scarce about Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls game but it’s been confirmed to be in development. Tentatively called The Elder Scrolls VI, the game has been in active development for a while now with Bethesda confirming that development duties are ongoing. However, it’s been extremely tight-lipped about any useful information about the … Read more

Bethesda’s VP shares bad news about The Elder Scrolls 6’s development

Just a few weeks ago, we shared the news that The Elder Scrolls VI was indeed in development, after Todd Howard confirmed the same during an interview. However, it looks like his statement was taken out of context and the actual news isn’t that promising. Bethesda’s Vice-President, Pete Hines, has now issued a clarification via … Read more

You Wouldn’t Believe What Bethesda Confirmed for Elder Scrolls: VI

Bethesda has finally done it. After years of anticipation, it has announced the next installment in its hugely popular RPG series The Elder Scrolls. It’ll be called Elder Scrolls: VI. There has been widespread reports of people having multiple orgasms as a direct result of this news. Reports are also coming in that many gamers … Read more

10 Great Things We Want The Elder Scrolls 6 To Feature

After a huge launch for Bethesda with Fallout 4, we can only speculate on what’s to come next. The revisit of Doom is on the horizon and Bethesda have said there will  be an Elder Scrolls 6 however it won’t be for a very, very long time. Although it’s only weeks since the release of Fallout … Read more