Bethesda’s VP shares bad news about The Elder Scrolls 6’s development

Just a few weeks ago, we shared the news that The Elder Scrolls VI was indeed in development, after Todd Howard confirmed the same during an interview. However, it looks like his statement was taken out of context and the actual news isn’t that promising.

Bethesda’s Vice-President, Pete Hines, has now issued a clarification via Twitter that although it is obvious that the immensely popular role-playing game series will have a new iteration at some point of time, fans shouldn’t hold their breath since it isn’t currently in development.


Hines sent out a very clear message: “We aren’t working on TES6 at the moment.” This is in stark contrast to what Howard said during the interview: “I think it’s good to tell our fans in these moments, yes, of course we are,”.

Hines went on to clarify that what Howard meant is that The Elder Scrolls VI will happen, eventually, but he didn’t mean that the team was working on it now. Hines also had a pretty bleak estimate to give when a fan asked for a timeline for its release. The answer:  “Nope. Years and years.”


Well, this suggests that we won’t be getting The Elder Scrolls: VI any time soon and it might take a few more years before any new information is revealed about the game, unless of course, Hines is playing with us.


However, Bethesda is planning to release a Skyrim remaster later this year, which should at least keep fans of the series hooked, especially the console gamers since it’ll be a much better experience for them.