Fallout New Vegas 2 May Be In “Very Early Talks” At Microsoft

According to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Fallout: New Vegas 2 could be in very early talks at Microsoft. The revelation came from Grubb’s show, Grubbsnax. He said, “This is very early, but people have begun to have talks and say these words in sentences, and those words are Obsidian and New Vegas 2.” Of course, we … Read more

The 5 Best Skyrim Mods To Download Right Now

Skyrim is still going strong a decade after its release back in 2011, and one of the reasons for that success is the strength of mods made by other players. These mods turn an already great game into an even better experience, and I, for one, can’t play the game without them. From new ways … Read more

Fallout TV Show Finally Enters Production With Marvel Showrunner

The Fallout TV show produced by Amazon has finally entered the production stage as the show finds its showrunners from Captain Marvel fame. The gaming sphere went wild last year when Amazon announced that it’s producing a Fallout themed TV show. It will be based directly on the hit RPG series from Bethesda. Set in … Read more