Deathloop Voice Actor Can’t Actually Play His Own Game Yet

Deathloop voice actor Jason Kelly is celebrating the release of the game he stars in, but he can’t play the game because he doesn’t actually have a PS5 yet.

Everyone reading this knows to some degree the struggles of copping a PS5. The next-gen consoles have been like fairy dust over the past 10 months. And it appears that even the star of one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives this year also couldn’t get his hands on one.

Jason Kelly posted on Twitter to celebrate the launch of Deathloop and his role as its protagonist, Colt. However, as he wrapped up his video, he put out a call for help as the actor didn’t have a copy of the game or a PS5 to play it.

Credit: Arkane Studios


Deathloop launched today (September 14th), to stellar reviews and wracked up an assortment of full star ratings. We even gave it a 10/10 over on Gamebyte, and as someone that only started last night, I feel confident that I’ll land around a similar rating.

Jason Kelly plays Colt Vahn, a man stuck in a time-loop where everyone in it is out to kill him. To break the loop you must kill all eight targets, including Julianna who talks to you throughout the game as well as actively hunting you. Real world players can even take control of Julianna, to make things especially interesting.

Kelly’s celebratory video was shared by the official Deathloop Twitter account, and many were shocked to find that the star didn’t own a PS5 himself. @BLASTAMUS tweeted out “Somebody get this man a PlayStation ASAP”.

One interesting commenter was Pete Hines, the head of marketing and comms at Bethesda. Hines let Kelly know that he might be able to set him up with a PS5. He stated “You deserve a chance to play as Colt and enjoy your own amazing performance”. And I have to agree, Kelly’s performance as Colt is incredible.

Here’s hoping Jason can get stuck in about one of the most exciting games this year. Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Arkane Lyon