Bethesda confirms that Prey 2 has been cancelled

At Pax Australia Pete Hines an employee at Bethesda confirmed that the highly anticipated Prey 2 has been cancelled. He explained that it was an incredibly difficult decision for Bethesda to make but the game was not up to Bethesda’s standards and would have disappointed fans of the original Prey. He told CNET that “it was a … Read more

Dishonored: New Trailer Shows Off Innovative Killing Ways

 Dishonored, the upcoming stealth/action title by Bethesda endeavors to match BioShock and Hitman in innovative killing methods, as is being showed in the new trailer released. In the trailer, the protagonist Corvo stops time after a guard fires at him, a la Zack Morris’ “time-out” ability from Saved by the Bell, possesses the guard, walks him … Read more