Player discovers the most powerful weapon in Fallout 4 and it’s not what you expected

Ever wonder what the most powerful Fallout 4 item is? One that can be used as an effective weapon, along with being virtually indestructible? Well, search no longer! Speaking of searching, here’s all the Fallout news of last week, in case you missed any!

Now, as it turns out, the.. trash can.. is the most powerful item in Fallout 4. Yep. The one thing everyone overlooked. Who could have expected that? You’d think something like the Fat Man, Gauss Rifle, or Mini-Gun would take the cake, but nope. Trash can. And we have proof!

via Bethesda

As seen below, the trash can will completely block all damage. Toss a grenade under one and you’ll be totally safe. That’s very important considering the next part of this involves using the trash can as.. well.. a mine cannon!

Yeah, yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but not much is cooler than killing ghouls, mutants, deathclaws, or whatever really, only using some mines and a trash can, and a player has actually posted a video showing him carrying out this insane feat.

You can watch the video below.

It’s rather incredible really, considering he’s charging a Behemoth at one point with a trash can..

via Bethesda

So I know you’re just dying to hop on Fallout 4 and give this a go. A little advice.. we don’t suggest you try this on Survival Mode, as you yourself are somewhat of a glass cannon. The trash can blocks a lot of damage coming your way, but best not push your luck.