People Believe The Next Elder Scrolls Game Will Be About a Deadly Plague

We know literally nothing about the Elder Scrolls 6 – or at least, almost nothing.

It’s generally believed to be called “Redfall,” which we learned from a trademark application filed by Bethesda earlier this year, but apart from that? Nothing at all.

Credit: Bethesda

Reddit sleuths have been hard at work trying to find some sort of connection between the word ‘Redfall’ and the world of the Elder Scrolls, but it’d been pretty hard to make any sort of connection. Until recently.

On the huge r/ElderScrolls subreddit, Redditers have been discussing any potential links, and one user posted the following theory, that suggests Redfall might be a game about the plague [via GamesRadar].

“Holy sh*t. I think I may have a clue. Do you guys remember Peryite’s quest in Skyrim?

“It has you deal with something called the Affliction.

“It’s a plague that causes the infected to develop red skin and also causes them to projectile vomit. Its origins lie in High Rock where Peryite first started spreading it among Breton villages. As u/XZombie_Hero pointed out, I believe Redfall is referring to such a plague. In fact, I believe it is referring to this very plague and the next game’s events possibly involve this disease and dealing with it in some form (which would make Peryite the possible big bad).

Credit: Bethesda

“I first remember putting out this idea on an r/teslore thread where people were debating TES VI locations on the basis of references in Skyrim, where I pointed out that the whole Peryite quest about High Rock seemed strangely different/significant in comparison to the others, and had a prominent reference to High Rock just as In My Time of Need did to Hammerfell.

“Of course, this is all assuming it actually has something to do with TES, and the name could also just be a suggestion towards an Iliac Bay setting.”


The idea is definitely a unique one, and Reddit users seem pretty hyped for a plague in Tamriel.

Credit: Bethesda

One user commented: “That’d be a huge unexpected surprise if we’re all expecting the next game to involve an empire/thalmor civil war (edit: second great war) and instead they throw something like that at us, tamriel is griped with a terrible plague, could create a totally unique story,

“I’m sure the empire and thalmor would still be involved, people wanting the tensions to cease so tamriel can focus on the plague, actors on both sides exploiting the chaos, would the argonians be immune? Would they be rising in power? Dang this is a great idea.”

Another added: “That sounds awesome. I want Elder Scrolls to be weird again. Morrowind was super unique and while Oblivion might look more like a standard medieval fantasy setting at first, the main story goes off the rails at some point. Oblivion also has a bunch of amazing side quests.”

Credit: Bethesda

Only time will tell, but this would definitely be a VERY interesting direction to take the franchise in!