Nope, Michael From GTA V Has Not Been Found In Red Dead Redemption 2

EDIT: It’s since been revealed that the below footage of the supposed Michael was completely fabricated. Although GTA’s Michael definitely is in the game, he’s not part of a UFO experiment, and the third UFO mentioned below had been confirmed as fake. Check out the video here for confirmation. Original story below.


One of the biggest mysteries in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 was the addition of GTA V’s Michael De Santa, a character players have been desperately trying to find since the clues first dropped.

Credit: Rockstar Games

It started when a Twitter user noticed that De Santa voice actor Ned Luke’s name appeared in the credits of RDR2, with the actor himself then tweeting out to ask his fans whether or not they could spot his character in the new Rockstar title.

Ned Luke tweeted: “Spotted in credits…now can you find me in the game? Hint: They took away my voice work…gonna be hard to recognize, but the character work is still in there.”

After a lot of guesswork and a lot of wrong answers, it appears that Michael has finally been found – and the mystery is linked to the UFOs that have been spotted in RDR2…

Credit: Rockstar Games

YouTuber ZacCoxTV uploaded a video to his channel, which shows the burnt-out corpse of Michael – after he gets dropped to Earth from the third UFO to be found in the game.

Despite being a burned-out mess, players are agreeing the corpse really is Michael because he’s wearing a pretty iconic amulet from GTA V…check out the video below and decide fo yourself!

YouTube video

It’s been pretty damn hard for players to recreate the settings that spawn the third UFO that drops the Michael-esque character, and ZacCoxTV speculates that that’s down to the cycles of the moon in the game.

Seriously, could it be any more detailed??

Do you think this is Michael, and what do you think about this very unique Easter egg?