Here’s Red Dead Online’s Map Compared To GTA Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the hottest games of the year, absolutely crushing the competition in sales and impressing both fans and critics across the board. Hot off the back of the single player release, Rockstar Games has just launched the beta for Red Dead Online, the online multiplayer version of the world of … Read more

Rockstar Games Co-Founder Has Something To Say About Making GTA VI

Rockstar Games is still enjoying the success of Red Dead Redemption 2, which has now been out for basically a whole month. The massive success of the game has led people to ask about Rockstar’s other show-stopping IP – Grand Theft Auto – but it doesn’t look like a new title is coming anytime soon. … Read more

Nope, Michael From GTA V Has Not Been Found In Red Dead Redemption 2

EDIT: It’s since been revealed that the below footage of the supposed Michael was completely fabricated. Although GTA’s Michael definitely is in the game, he’s not part of a UFO experiment, and the third UFO mentioned below had been confirmed as fake. Check out the video here for confirmation. Original story below.   One of … Read more

Red Dead Redemption 2 Sells More Copies In 8 Days Than RDR Sold In 8 Years

If you haven’t yet played Red Dead Redemption 2 then you’re either watching someone else play it, or you’re a PC gamer because Rockstar’s new title is absolutely inescapable right now. RDR2 has gone from being one of the most highly-anticipated titles of all time, to being one of the most critically-acclaimed games ever, stealing near-perfect … Read more