These ‘GTA V’ Mods Breathe New Life Into An Ageing Game

Almost eight years on from release and Grand Theft Auto V is showing no signs of slowing down. Part of that is down to Rockstar’s undying support for GTA Online, but it’s also partly because of the sheer number of mods you can download that breathe new life into the ageing GTA V.

With a next-gen port of GTA V on the horizon, it doesn’t look like Rockstar is giving up on its cash cow quite yet. Though many of us would adore a new entry to the series, we might be holding out a little longer yet. Still, at least there are mods to keep the old game fresh!

Here’s a roundup of some of the best mods you can currently download for GTA V.


One of these mods blew up (quite literally) on Twitter recently. YouTuber HeavenlyControl shared a clip of a mod based upon the hit Amazon TV series, Invincible. The modder ‘TheDarthKnight’ has managed to build a faithful recreation of the character “Omni-man’, complete with his owner of flight and super-human strength.

It’s an incredibly faithful recreation of the character. A custom character model completely replaces the usual character skin, and new poses mean that Omni-man hangs ominously in the sky, just as he does the TV show. It appears as though the attack animations are also custom made, with the player dealing deadly damage with swift backhanders.

King Kong

It’s all been brought to life by ‘TheDarthKnight’, a hobbyist game designer known for creating GTA V mods and other 3D models. They’ve also created models for Batman, Superman, and even gigantic versions of Godzilla and King Kong.

YouTube video

It’s clear that the streets of downtown Los Santos weren’t designed with an oversized monkey such as Kong in mind, but it’s entertaining to watch him wreak havoc on the city.

TheDarthKnight keeps a lot of their mods locked behind a Patreon, but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to experiment with your GTA V experience.

NaturalVision Evolved

Though the art style still holds up, GTA V is starting to show some of its wrinkles. Compared to the raytraced worlds we’re treated to in modern releases, the flat lighting and relatively sparse exteriors just don’t cut the mustard like they used to.

That’s where NaturalVision Evolved comes in. It’s a total visual overhaul that aims to “blur the line between fantasy and reality”. With changes made to the environmental weathers, lighting system, world textures and even building models, the mod completely transforms GTA V into a world that looks as though it was conceived just yesterday.

YouTube video

The project is a collaboration between the modders ‘Razed’ and ‘IceVip’. Razed is an experienced modder who’s familiar with the likes of ENB mods that are commonly used to alter the lighting effects of games. The project is in early access, but you can follow its development progress over on Razed’s Patreon page.

If you’ve been considering another playthrough of the excellent GTA V campaign, this mod might be the one for you. It won’t alter much of the original game’s content but will make Rockstar’s world pop as you experience it all once again.


Sony holds all the marbles when it comes to Spider-Man games. Insomniac’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales are easily some of the best web-slinging experiences you can have in games. If you’d rather not shell out for a PlayStation for the privilege, though, you could opt for this Spider-Man mod for GTA V.

Co-developed by Sollaholla & Jedijosh920, this mod doesn’t just bring a custom suit to the table but also provides fully integrated web-slinging mechanics. It uses physics-based webs to let the player attach webs to objects and swing about the city. It’s great for getting about the city but far less useful in the open desert wilderness to the North.

Credit: Sollaholla

There are also some fun combat mechanics to play with here. It’s possible to grapple onto enemies and swing them around. Or, you can channel some spider strength into your melee attacks and send your opponents flying.

To make the mod a complete Spider-Man experience, it would be great if there were crimes to solve and people to save, much like the radiant crime quests in Insomniac’s titles. Even without that addition, it’s an impressive modding achievement that the web-swinging works as well as it does.

Grand Theft Space

Have you ever looked up at the night sky of Los Santos and wondered what lies beyond the stars? Probably not. The light pollution of the city does very little for stargazers in Grand Theft Auto V. Well, on the off chance that you do wonder what lies beyond, Grand Theft Space is the mod for you.

Put simply, Grand Theft Space adds space flight to the game. With a hop on over to a new launchpad island, you can board the Discovery Space Shuttle and blast off beyond Earth’s orbit.

Credit: Grand Theft Space

So far, the mod includes a version of the International Space Station, the Moon, Mars, and Saturn. It should be noted that this mod isn’t intended to be hyper-realistic. The aesthetic echoes that of Kerbal Space Program, the super intricate physics-based space exploration game.

Instead, Grand Theft Space is intended as a platform for other modders to build upon. There are no quests or objectives in the base version of the mod. Other creators have managed to use the mod in conjunction with others to enact alien battles on the surface of the moon.

Credit: Grand Theft Space

Despite its arcade feel, Grand Theft Space is a fun time to mess around with. When combined with other mods found in the GTA modding community, it really shines.

Do you have any other favourite GTA V mods that aren’t on this list? Tell us about it across our social channels!

[Featured Image Credit: NaturalVision]

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