You Can Play The First Level Of DOOM In Dying Light 2

There’s an easter egg in Dying Light 2 that lets you play a recreation of the classic first level from 1993’s DOOM. Dying Light 2 hasn’t been out for long, but players are already scouring its world for easter eggs. One of those players is YouTube user ‘FunwithGuru’, who’s known for quickly finding some of … Read more

Portal Easter Egg Found In Counter Strike:Global Offensive’s New Mode

Counter Strike: Global Offensive recently got its first real update in a long time – Danger Zone – a battle royale mode which promises “tactical gameplay” in a “fight to the finish.” CS:GO fans have been returning to the much-loved game to give Danger Zone a try, and people have found something very interesting in the … Read more

Pokémon Let’s Go Players Have Uncovered A Dark Secret About Mewtwo

The newly-released Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games for the Nintendo Switch have divided opinions, with lots of Pokémon fans branding them too simple and easy. However, it seems the games might offer more than first thought, as the titles apparently reference some of the most heart-breaking lore in the Pokemon world… The Vatican Has … Read more

Red Dead Redemption 2 Character’s Ghost Story Turns Out To Be Real

If you’ve completed Red Dead Redemption 2 then you probably know all about the ramblings of the camp’s Reverend Swanson, including his tall tales and warnings about the Ghost of Agnes Dowd, otherwise known as the Lemoyne swamp ghost. Although the camp is pretty quick to laugh-off any and all of Reverend Swanson’s stories, there’s actually some … Read more