Pokémon Let’s Go Players Have Uncovered A Dark Secret About Mewtwo

The newly-released Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games for the Nintendo Switch have divided opinions, with lots of Pokémon fans branding them too simple and easy.

Credit: Nintendo

However, it seems the games might offer more than first thought, as the titles apparently reference some of the most heart-breaking lore in the Pokemon world…

Posting on the r/Pokemon subreddit, a Redditer by the name of NaarusPrayer writes: “I was walking through the Pokemon mansion.

“To be an asshole, I had my Mew out of it’s ball in the basement. In my mind, ‘I’m sure Mew would love to see where they experimented on it!’

Credit: Nintendo

“In the basement is a giant holding chamber. When Mew gets near it, s/he runs over and it says, ‘Mew is starting quietly at the chamber.’ When you check on the chamber it says, ‘it’s a large container made of thick glass. It looks as if something has been beating on it over and over from the inside.’

“So, this confirms that that is where Mew was experimented on and where Mewtwo was born.”

The above video was then posted to Twitter in response, and in it you can see Mewtwo has a similar response.

Both dark and sad, one Redditer’s response pretty much sums up the whole thread: “That’s quite a bit darker than anything else in the series.”

Credit: Nintendo

People quickly got to theorising about the Easter egg, and one user commented: “Never knew mew was caught just that they found some of his dna to make mewtwo maybe its picking up what mewtwo had been through.”

An interesting point for the Psychic-type Pokemon.

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Have you discovered this Easter egg in the Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games?