You Can Play The First Level Of DOOM In Dying Light 2

There’s an easter egg in Dying Light 2 that lets you play a recreation of the classic first level from 1993’s DOOM.

Dying Light 2 hasn’t been out for long, but players are already scouring its world for easter eggs. One of those players is YouTube user ‘FunwithGuru’, who’s known for quickly finding some of gaming’s best easter eggs. In his most recent Dying Light 2 video, Guru has uncovered that a fun easter egg lets you play out the entire first level of DOOM in Dying Light 2.

YouTube video

How to find the DOOM easter egg in Dying Light 2

To find the easter egg, you’ll first need to do a bit of legwork. There are five black rubber ducks hidden around the world, and you must find all of them to continue. Once all of them have been collected, you’ll need to head to the basement of the VNC tower building. Down there, you’ll find a gloomy room that appears to be hosting a satanic ritual.


You’ll be prompted to place all five of the ducks surrounding the circle. Once complete, you’ll find some cables which need to be connected up in the shape of a star. This will complete the satanic ritual and prompt you with a challenge titled “Hangar”. This is the name of the very first level in DOOM (1993).

Starting the challenge will transport you to a recreation of that iconic DOOM level. The screen will go all blurry to replicate the low resolution and CRT monitor aesthetic. Demons are replaced by zombies, and you’re armed with a trusty double barrelled shotgun. Nostalgic, right?

If you look around the level carefully, you’ll find a touching tribute from Techland to the original developers of DOOM. The names of DOOM’s creators, including John Romero, are listed on a piece of paper. The message reads, “… your work still inspires. Thanks to game makers like you, we decided to be a part of this crazy industry, design levels, and try to set new standards. With respect, Devs.”


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[Featured Image Credit: Techland / FunwithGuru]