DOOM Creator Adds New Level To Raise Money For Ukraine

The creator of DOOM, John Remero, has added a new level to DOOM II to raise money for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Last week, Russia invaded Ukraine, staring a war still going on now. In an effort to support Ukraine, Romero has released the new level on his website People can download the … Read more

You Can Play The First Level Of DOOM In Dying Light 2

There’s an easter egg in Dying Light 2 that lets you play a recreation of the classic first level from 1993’s DOOM. Dying Light 2 hasn’t been out for long, but players are already scouring its world for easter eggs. One of those players is YouTube user ‘FunwithGuru’, who’s known for quickly finding some of … Read more

Top 5 Best Shooters On PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now has a decent offering of games on its service, and there are some excellent shooters to choose from. As it stands, PlayStation Now is the closest thing that Sony offers that’s akin to Xbox Game Pass. While the library is much smaller in comparison, and not all games can be installed natively, there … Read more

In A Long Running Tradition, You Can Now Play Doom In Age Of Empires 2

In a long-standing tradition, modders are always looking for more places to play Doom, and Age of Empires 2 is just the latest. Doom has run on everything from smart fridges to digital pregnancy tests. It has become an on-going joke within the Doom community, to ask whether anything can “run Doom”. We’ve even seen … Read more