In A Long Running Tradition, You Can Now Play Doom In Age Of Empires 2

In a long-standing tradition, modders are always looking for more places to play Doom, and Age of Empires 2 is just the latest.

Doom has run on everything from smart fridges to digital pregnancy tests. It has become an on-going joke within the Doom community, to ask whether anything can “run Doom”. We’ve even seen the flip, with some developers putting other games into Doom itself.

However, in the latest feat of Doom ports, one developer has found a way to make the 1993 shooter playable in Age of Empires 2.

Credit: Ensemble Games

The Age of Doom

Age of Empires 2, for those that don’t know, is a real-time strategy game where player gather resources, build towns and create armies. The game was released back in 1999 by Ensemble Studios, but a definitive remastered version launched in 2019.

Discovered by DSOGaming and reported by TheGamer, the “Age of Doom” mod allows players to play Doom like never before. HELLKNIGHT 61, developed the mod so that players could try out Doom with the mechanics of Age of Empires. HELLKNIGHT also managed to insert the various Doom demons in the original Age of Empires art style.

YouTube video

In a video, we see Doomguy take on various demons as they avoid fireballs. The video revealed that voice lines have even made their way into this Age of Empires mod. HELLKNIGHT 61 is developing the full campaign across five episodes. They are still working on the final episode.

In traditional strategy game style, players have the spots they want Doom Guy to move to. And with the double barrelled shotgun and BGF among his arsenal, some Doom favourites are at your disaposal.

Age of Empires 2 is just the latest to get the Doom treatment. Who knows what could be next.

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Featured Image Credit: ID Software / Ensemble Studios