This 7-Year-Old Is Seriously Better Than You At Warzone

Call of Duty is one of the most competitive series out there, and one Warzone player in particular is dominating lobbies right now.

Call of Duty Warzone is home to some seriously impressive players. Streamers like TimTheTatman, JackFrags and Dr DisRespect regularly impress. Whether it be the sheer number of wins, killer loadouts, or some high IQ plays. With a constantly shifting meta, it can seem hard to compete with people that have been playing since day one.

However, Rowdy Rogan is a fresh face re-emerging in the Call of Duty scene. He also just happens to be seven years old.

This Seven Year Old Is Killing It In Warzone

Rowdy Rogan is a YouTube and Twitch star. The seven-year-old has been playing first person shooters such as Call of Duty for years. On their YouTube and Twitch, Rogan and his dad play games together, and the youngster has some seriously impressive skills.

A recent video brought to light by @ModernWarzone, showcases Rogan destroying others in Warzone’s Rebirth Island. And he is pretty happy about it too.

Credit: Twitter

Taking a quick look at Rowdy Rogan’s YouTube, you can see some impressive clips from Black Ops 4 a couple of years back. That means Rogan was five years old at the time! With this recent stream, Rogan has only developed that pin-point accuracy. Rogan takes down multiple players with the quick flick of a throwing knife and thermite grenade. And this is all with a controller.

The seven year old Warzone player has amassed 338,000 subscribers on YouTube and almost 65,000 on Twitch. Rogan and his dad have streamed games such as Fortnite and Rocket League. However, Rogan and his “Shark Squad” have been dominating on Warzone as of late.

Esports teams should keep their eyes out for Rogan, who already submitted a Faze Clan application last year. However, the application saw Rogan become the centre of controversy, after his parents staged a ban from the game. Many banded together to support the young streamer, but it was infact an act to secure a viral video as part of the Faze application.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision